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Warranty Claims

All information applicable as of 1st April, 2021.

Warranty Details

We provide the following amount of time and service for customers to make a claim against faulty or damaged items.

  • 1 year's full cover against genuine product failure or fault (all brands).*
  • 2 year's discount (50%) on replacement Tailwalk rod sections in case of accidental damage.**

* From proven date of purchase at one of our UK stockists.

** Please contact your UK stockist to make a claim. This is restricted to a maximum of 2 claims during the 2-year period following your purchase date.

Consumer Information

To proceed with a warranty claim, you will need to complete our warranty form at the bottom of this page. In addition, please email detailed photographs (including close-ups) of the item and area of concern to:

We also require a photograph of your itemised purchase receipt from one of our UK stockists. As the official UK distributors, we are not liable for breakages or faulty items bought outside of the UK or from suppliers not on our stockists list.

NB: Warranty claims cannot be concluded without photographic proof, full details of the fault and proof of purchase from one of our UK stockists.

Ordinarily, to avoid delay we will replace faulty items with replacements from UK stock to ensure your are not waiting longer than necessary. In the case of customers based in UK mainland positions (excluding NI, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly or Scottish Highlands), if address details are included we can  ship replacements directly to you, if you prefer. Otherwise we can ship replacements to the AOF/Fin Theory stockist with whom you made your purchase.

Could a claim be denied?

We and the manufacturers will typically study the information and photographs provided. Assuming that the item failed whilst being used for an application for which it was designed, there are usually very few questions asked.

However, one example of non-coverage does apply:

- Long (9'+) and/or light shore-specific (typically seabass) rods used from the boat or kayak will not be covered unless otherwise stated.

Having worked within the supply of Japanese lure fishing equipment at AOF for more than 10 years, to date we have seen this as one of our most frequent claims across all Japanese lure rod brands - not just ours. This decision is based upon the differing stresses and strains that rods are put under in different situations. Rods need to be used within the realms of their intended purpose to be considered for warranty. We are happy to provide further information if requested.

Online Warranty Claim Form